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UNICOOL is a company working in the Egyptian market since 2003 its main job is supplying high quality parts for BUS AIR-CONDITIONING from everywhere in the world.

High quality, artisan care, passion, team-work, selected suppliers, respect and attention to the customer : these are the “key words” and the UNICOOL values that have made the company to become one of the market Leader in Bus A/C Parts ,Transportation Cars A/C Parts, Refrigeration Units and Silo Units in Egypt.
Good knowledge, technology, quality and innovative ideas are the UNICOOL winning weapons in very competitive markets, thinking every day for solutions that will win also in next year’s.
Everybody must be the actor to achieve above mentioned values: staff, suppliers and external advisors.

High quality spare parts for BUS AIR-CONDITIONING units is a must, our customers units are ours,
We deal with their units as they are ours; we and Customers are in the same side of business cycle.

UNICOOL: All experience and support.